About Us - Bluefin Energy

Who are we ?
What do we do ?

Bluefin Energy are a forward thinking company and adapted to meet the demands of the future of renewable energy commercially .

We are an ambitious company with combined 20 years experience in renewable energy and a recognised team of experienced engineers.

Bluefin Energy was incorporated as friends with ideas and vision bringing individual academic experience and knowledge from various backgrounds to form our own synergy business Bluefin Energy. ­

Mission & Vision

Bluefin Energy will strive to achieve 100% Customer satisfaction through a quality product and programme, team work, continuous improvement and strong relationships with all stakeholders.

To achieve the Mission Statement, Bluefin Energy will endeavour:

  • To engage in a partnership of success with the customer through both its product and service.

  • To build success through supplier management, building on existing supply chain systems

  • To develop integrated information systems to be shared with customers and suppliers as a platform for communication

  • To create a culture of continuous improvement in all areas of the business. ­

Our People

Our team works with the clients on their specific project requirements and equipment specifications. We have extensive experience and expertise to handle and execute all aspects of energy projects. Our experience guarantees the customer with high quality, cost effective, prompt and professional supplies and services.

Major energy companies and their projects as always demand proven equipment at competitive prices, which Bluefin Energy complies with its quality, technology, and value. With its experienced personnel, Bluefin Energy has the expertise to deliver project requirements on time.

What we do

Bluefin Energy designs and installs renewable energy systems for both residential and commercial customers to help reduce or eliminate their electric bills by using clean sustainable green energy.

We are a close-knit team of installers, energy consultants, customer care specialists, and engineers. We offer a broad range of energy solutions – whether you need;

– A traditional rooftop grid-tied system for a social housing project.
– Several ground-mounted arrays,
– An automatic tracker which follows the sun from dawn to dusk,
– A battery back-up or complete off-grid system.

We have the team, experience and wealth of knowledge.

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