Infrastructure - Bluefin Energy

Bluefin Energy team has decades of experience in the key fields necessary to develop and deploy community microgrid projects Globally.  These projects embody efficient financing strategies for integrated suites of microgrid technologies for utility infrastructure, combined with a customer-facing community engagement strategy.  Benefits exceed costs, and the utility is able to expand its value proposition to work with its customers in fundamentally new ways. Through the unique application of public-private partnership (P3) in the utility infrastructure sector, Infrastructure Energy works closely with utilities and cities to deliver community-scale microgrid projects that are on time and on budget. Advancing the timeline on the resilience, reliability and efficiency benefits with the lowest cost, and lowest risk possible for complex infrastructure projects.

Our community microgrid projects are carefully designed to ensure that benefits exceed costs, allowing for grid modernization to proceed with no impact to customer bills. Further, socio-economic benefits also accrue to both the utility and the cities where Infrastructure Energy projects are implemented, including improvements in reliability of electricity service, and enhanced power quality and flexibility to integrate new systems such as electric vehicles, energy storage and Blockchain-based transactive energy trading.

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