Solar Energy - Bluefin Energy

Bluefin Energy solar photovoltaic (PV) work is focused on developing cost-effective, reliable photovoltaic energy systems and accelerating the integration of PV technology globally. Bluefin Energy PV department provides the technical lead for systems integration and balance-of-systems manufacturing technologies as well as technical support to Government Department of Energy (DOE) in deployment and validation of PV systems for energy agencies, utilities, and other institutional users. Bluefin Energy assists industry and users by providing technical assistance, accurate performance measurements, component development and improvement, and system evaluation. A major thrust of the department is to evaluate and improve the performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness of systems and balance-of-systems components.

Bluefin Energy PV research staff work collaboratively with DOE’s Solar Energy Technologies Program, the  photovoltaic industry, other government agencies  and international organizations to increase the worldwide use of PV power systems by reducing cost, improving reliability, increasing performance, removing barriers, and growing markets.

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