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Bluefin Energy Group is a newly formed energy infrastructure partner company operating across frontier and emerging markets globally with two principal subsidiaries: Asset Management and renewable Energy supply.

Bluefin group provides clients with innovative, specially designed, and effective solutions. Our success is rooted in bringing value to our clients and establishing a long-term relationship of trust.

Whilst the firm is a commercial enterprise, it fully understands that long-term profitability can only be achieved through an unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility that goes beyond regulatory and legal compliance and includes ethical behavior and philanthropy – all our activities undertaken by Bluefin Group reflect these fundamental principals and values.

Our Services

  • Solar Energy

    Bluefin Energy solar photovoltaic (PV) work is focused on developing cost-effective, reliable photovoltaic energy systems and accelerating the integration of PV technology globally. Bluefin Energy PV department provides the technical lead for systems integration and balance-of-systems manufacturing technologies as well as technical support to Government Department of Energy (DOE) in deployment and validation of PV.

  • Infrastructure

    Bluefin Energy team has decades of experience in the key fields necessary to develop and deploy community microgrid projects Globally.  These projects embody efficient financing strategies for integrated suites of microgrid technologies for utility infrastructure, combined with a customer-facing community engagement strategy.  Benefits exceed costs, and the utility is able to expand its value proposition.

  • Investment

    The dilemma is particularly difficult for small states, where required investments are large as a share of GDP, large investments in geothermal power and natural gas technologies, estimated at about 6 percent of GDP on average, could significantly lower energy costs for. The public and private sector are improving competitiveness and making investment more attractive.


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